The F.S. Chronicle

My Lion Friends


I bought them a few years ago, and no matter how much I try, I cannot remember where. I bought them because I liked the colors, and because lions have always been special to me. Since I was a child, … Continue reading

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Class Presentation


Gabriel arrived to school earlier than usual that morning, and with more energy than most days, even though the night before he had barely slept. He had spent almost the whole night awake thinking about his presentation at school, and … Continue reading

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Shadows of the Night


The night came back to the hotel, and the moonlight Filled the once-shiny hallways. The stairs, where children played in the mornings, Were silent now, while shadows walked the steps. The shadows walked up the steps, as if they were … Continue reading

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The Sovereign of the Seas


Many years later, in a small street market, he recognized the first boat he ever fell in love with. After a life of learning about them, collecting them, seeing them as one sees their best friends, talking to them and … Continue reading

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The Coral in the River


Walking around the Suwannee River beds, in Florida, we found them. Two Agatized Coral specimens, laying there, as if they had been waiting for us for millions of years. Amazed by the colors, we all stopped our conversation, and witnessed … Continue reading

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Sea Star in the Sand


Walking in the dessert, we saw a star. “It’s a sea star” she said, and we smiled, As the sand blew around us, and The ocean felt farther than ever. What kind of star do you think it is, I … Continue reading

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The Rabbit and the Secret Candy


Twenty minutes after our grandparents left to take a nap, we went upstairs to the third floor, as usual, with the excitement of doing something secret. Like every weekend for the last few years, all ten of us tip toed … Continue reading

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The Metal Warriors


Sunrise comes, and the two metal warriors stand In front of the sun, leaning against the wall. The sun light hits their glass eyes, and The warriors stand without a blink. The warriors see the grass, and The years passed, … Continue reading

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Fortune Teller


By the time we moved to the town, Mister Simon, also known as Maestro Simon, was already a legend, and everyone in the town, old or young, knew of his fame. Mister Simon was loved and devoted by thousands, they … Continue reading

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Marco and Rufus


Marco got up that Sunday morning, and all he could think of was going to visit his best friend. Like every Sunday for the past three months, Marco had breakfast, got ready, and went to the town to visit his … Continue reading

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Words in the Blue Coral


I can’t remember well now if someone said it to me, or if I read it somewhere, but I do remember the impact the sentence had on me the first time I heard it, the same impact it still has … Continue reading

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Going For a Walk


Samuel had waited 15 years, 6 months, and four days for that day, and he knew well his future awaited, if he could have the bravery to go forward with his plan. If there was something Samuel learned in his … Continue reading

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Melodies Behind Candle Light


Sitting under the palm trees, On the edge of a rock, two men, Playing their delicate sounds, As the world goes by.   Behind the candle light, A soft and fine glow, Almost as soft as their sound, They sit … Continue reading

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Music Comes to the Neighborhood


The night of November 16th, 2017, Miriam Williams saw two small figures walking around her yard. In the darkness of the night, Mrs. Williams, a 42-year-old Florida native, saw the two figures move as if they were jumping from side … Continue reading

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Hugo’s Magic Wish


Another day had almost gone by and Hugo, a young and bright monkey, still wondered what he should answer to his father, who five days before had asked what would Hugo ask for if he had one magic wish. Hugo, … Continue reading

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The Escape


What if today we try to get up and run, run somewhere new? I know, I know, you have said many times we can’t, or we shouldn’t, but what if? Perhaps today is the day, perhaps all we have to … Continue reading

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The Man in The Painting


The server left, and we all looked at each other and smiled, as we knew we could finally have the conversation we all wanted to have. The noise of the restaurant came back to our ears, as we saw the … Continue reading

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The Cloisonné Blue Elephants


The blue elephants walk at sunrise The day is new, and they recognize the sun, The blue elephants don’t talk, since It’s early, and one must not talk when the sun appears. The blue elephants walk in the dessert, How … Continue reading

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Papers of The Past


I always believed in signs, which is why I was surprised to not have gotten any in the days before my last weekend in town. I was about to turn 80, and thought some sign would let me know what … Continue reading

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Brighter Days


A week after loosing power, darkness had become so familiar that it was difficult to imagine what it had been like to walk into a lit room. We had learned to trust our ears and noses, when we had to, … Continue reading

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The Drawing on The Table


I see a flower opening its pedals in the middle of spring. The flower is not too big, it’s medium size, and the light hitting it at this specific moment makes it look brighter than it actually is, almost transparent. … Continue reading

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Mother’s Flower


Mom once said she knew where the most beautiful flower was, and she would give it to me one day. She was not lying, as I know now, and she gave me the flower she had promised. You will go … Continue reading

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A Familiar Animal


I must have been nine then, and remember it now more than ever. We were all sitting in a circle, just friends killing time, when one of my friends asked what animal did we all think we would be. When … Continue reading

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Summer Lottery


Summer was almost over, and they all knew it even though they wouldn’t talk about it. They left their homes early that Sunday, the last Sunday of summer, and walked towards the hill where they had gone so many times … Continue reading

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The King’s Chair


The first time I saw it, I was only five years old, and I still remember the feeling I had when I discovered that beauty can hide behind anything, even a chair. We were walking around the street market with … Continue reading

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Music of the Sea


Music has always been in our lives, but there was a time when music was not nearly as accessible as it is today. Back then, we had no records or ways to listen to music of our own, so the … Continue reading

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The Scent of Sand and Shells


The mist in the air filled the city with water, and the tiny drizzle drops crawled up his arms as if they were ants going up a hill. The humidity of his childhood in his nose brought the memories of … Continue reading

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Live in White and Blue


The past will always look calmer, as the time goes by. The world of the past is inviting, since distance makes the happier memories more prevalent, and erases the not so happy ones. That is how I remembered to live … Continue reading

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The Stories in The Commode


I haven’t been able to sleep for a week. Actually, I should rephrase that; sadly I have only been able to sleep a few hours for the last week. And, even though that would usually be sad because I want … Continue reading

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My first job was as a treasure hunter. I was only 8 then, and walked before the sun came out around the city, looking in other people’s trash for treasures. Every morning, always too early, I would go all over … Continue reading

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Night Sailing


The sun was now burning more than ever, and they could finally see the finish line. Michael balanced his body to the right, and when he turned around he saw Phil smiling at him. He knew him well enough to … Continue reading

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Old Friends


The Florida heat was upon us, so we walked faster to make it to the house of our host for the weekend. I had heard so much about him, and had some vague memories of having met him, back in … Continue reading

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Memories of a Home


By the time we made it back to the house the sun had gone down, and a soft darkness had taken over the little town we were visiting. Not having been in the house for decades and not remembering its … Continue reading

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The Secret in the Box


The secret of the world is in a box, she said, as she smiled at me for the last time and walked out of the house forever. I was a kid then, but something inside of me knew that there … Continue reading

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Conversations on a Park Bench


I dreamed we were fifteen, and we were walking in the desert, somewhere far and exotic. Maybe the Sonora Desert in Mexico, or perhaps somewhere in Peru. There we were, the six of us, young and beautiful, walking through the … Continue reading

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Elements of Serendipity


Chance plays a big role when it comes to owning things; I’m a firm believer in this. Chance, or faith, or coincidences, even destiny, have something to do with the things one finds or runs upon, and ends up owning. … Continue reading

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Colors of Summers Past


Memories are colors and images blending together, floating in a cloud of nostalgia, and evolving as time goes by. At least, that’s how my memories work, and I keep them as a collection of paintings that tell my time and … Continue reading

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Talking Lamps


There is someone living inside my lamps. I know it sounds strange, but please, let me explain. There is someone, two different people actually, living inside my pair of lamps. I’ve heard them talk, I’ve heard them reminisce about the … Continue reading

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A Plume of Love


The room was dark and silent, and he got up slowly after having woken up almost jumping. It was the middle of the night, and he felt tired. Perhaps he had had bad dreams, or maybe he heard a noise … Continue reading

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The Setting in The Forest


The world was so new for us then, that every place was a discovery. So much time has passed; so much time, that sometimes I wonder if some of those experiences really took place, or if it was me who … Continue reading

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Bygones of The Sea


The sea always called my name, or at least that’s what I would like to believe. Since an early age, I’ve been fascinated with that giant body of water, which felt so close but also so far. I fell in … Continue reading

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Ardor for the Past


Entering the room the man felt the weight of the past one more time; what was quotidian or even mundane once, had been transformed by a new light of nostalgia and longing. He heard their voices, their songs, their stories, … Continue reading

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