Coral is a large and interesting subject, as it is where biology, oceanography, science and design meet. We sell natural coral for specimen displays that make wonderful additions to bookcases, cabinets, shelves and more. Natural pieces of coral combine well with porcelain and books for a truly chic look. Our most wonderful accomplishment is our innovative work with natural coral. Always using hand selected natural coral we hand cut, design and assemble these artful sculptures, centerpieces and table lamps. These collaborative pieces with Mother Nature are truly works of art. We have also developed a line of faux coral that is made from man made materials that is shaped and carved to replicate natural coral in the forms of sconces and chandeliers.
The US Fish and Wildlife Service regulate all of the coral used in our exclusive centerpieces and lamps. Export permits are required from the country of origin, and import permits are required into the USA. Any coral sold out of the USA, requires the same permitting process. This process is time consuming and expensive.

Bear’s Paw Shell on Brass Stand
H 7 W 7.5 D 4.5
$ 575.00
Sea Shells Mounted on Coral
H 11.5 W 4 D 4
$ 250.00
Bowl Coral Mounted on Coquina Stone
H 13 W 14.5 D 9.5
$ 950.00
A Coral Encrusted Lidded Container
H 16 Dm 13
$ 2450
Slipper Coral with Barnacles Mounted on Coquina Stone
H 6 W 8 D 5.25
$ 375.00 each
Barnacle Centerpiece
H 1.5 W 12 Dm 21.5
$ 1250.00
Blue Coral Pieces Mounted on Coquina Stone
H 7.5 W 6 D 5
$ 275
Staghorn Coral Mounted on Coquina Stone, Sold Individually
H 15 W 7 D 11
$ 725
Twirly Merulina Coral Mounted on Coquina Stone
H 16 W 16 D 13
$ 1650
Barnacle Centerpiece
H 7 W 20 D 16