Animals and other figurines include anything with an animal or subject figure such as a human, tree, or architectural model as its main subject or theme. This could include sculpture, taxidermy, boxes, trays, containers, and furniture with sculptural design elements, rugs, paintings, prints, collages, tableware, candleholders, mirrors, and pillows among many other things. These items can be figural, structural and sculptural vessels or objects that are functional and/or decorative. These objects come in a vast array of materials such as metals, woods, wicker, or natural objects like clay and stone. Other decorative objects are a miscellaneous mixture of all other objects.

Woven Wicker or Rattan Sea Lion Box
H:6.5 W:12 D:5
$ 1250
Wolseley Horse and Rider Door Stop
H: 10.5 W:8 D:2.5
$ 325
Mario Torres Monkey Floor Lamps
H:74 DM:25
$ 3900
Bustamante Huge Copper Chimpanzee Hanging Sculpture
H:55 W:20 D:13
$ 7900
Arthur Court Rabbit Wine Cooler
H: 19 W:9 D:9
$ 1950
Mario Torres Cockatoo Floor Lamp
H: 68 DM:25
$ 3900
Mario Torres Parrot Floor Lamp
H:68 DM: 25
$ 3900
Vintage Safari Pith Helmet
H:6 W:11 D:13
$ 650
Terra Cotta Rooster
H:23 W:17 D:8
$ 4400
Pair of Horn and Antler Arm Chairs
H:34 W:35 D:30
$ 9800
Woven Wicker Giraffe Box
H:14 W:10 D:6
Pair of Staghorn and Blue Coral Lamps
H:30 W:11 D:11
Rugosa Coral Sculpture
H:20 W:19 D:19
$ 2650
Modern Silver and Brass Serving Bowl
H:12 W:25.5 D:21
$ 2800
White Table Coral Sculpture
H:7 W:19 D:16
$ 1950
Electrostatic Conductor Collection
H:17 DM:6
$ 2300
Anglo Indian Carved Cane
H:38.5 W:5 D:2
$ 795
Set of 4 Framed Exotic Intaglios
H:12 W:9.75 D:1.5
$ 3400
Mario Torres Cockatoo on Metal Swing
H: 24 W:20 D:12
$ 1650
Mario Torres Parrot on a Swing
H:36 W:12 D:9
$ 1650
Carved Classical Americana Mirror
H:50 W:25 D:2.5
$ 3800
Pair of Brass Mounted Water Buffalo Horn Bookends
H:26 W:22 D:5
$ 1950
Carved Wooden Monkey Sculpture
H: 26 W:25 D: 7
$ 2250
Folky Tin Painting by Lourvy
H:28 W:23.5 D:2
$ 2900
Tropical Inlay Game Board
H: .75 DM: 19.5
$ 2250
Mexican Hammered Silverplate Armadillo Centerpiece
H: 9.5 W:13 D: 7.5
$ 3250
Hardesty House Painting
H:33.5 W:43.5 D:1.75
$ 4900
Carved Red Parrot
H:16 W:8 D:6
$ 1450
Folky Bird Sconces
H: 10 W:6.5 D:6.5
$ 2400
Carved Wood Toucan
H:9.5 W:7 D:4.5
$ 1450
Large Middle Eastern Buildings Painting
H:37 W:41 D:1.25
$ 4300
Carved Blue Parrot
H:16 W:9 D:7
$ 1450
India Rolling Pins
H: 11 DM:1.5
$ 825
Aluminum Polo Mallet
H:34 W:9 D:9
$ 485
Arthur Court Fish Tray
H:34 W:9 D:9
$ 595
Arthur Court Figurative Candlesticks
H:7 W:3.5 D:3.5
$ 425
Set of 6 Glass and Steer Horn Sconces
H:20 W:5.5 D:7.5
$ 2800
Pair of Terra Cotta Monkeys
H:47 W:13.5 D:13.5
$ 11500
Pair of Mario Torres Rooster Table Lamps
H:34 W:21 D:21
$ 3900
India Rolling Pins
H:14 DM.1.5
$ 750
Pair of Mario Torres Cockatoo Table Lamps
H: 36.5 W:21.5 D:21.5
$ 4200
Mario Torres Palm Tree Floor Lamp
H:72 W:48 D:42
$ 3900
Faux Bamboo Games Table
H:26.5 W:21.5 D:21.5
$ 4800
Mario Torres Monkey Console
H:31 W:39 D:23
$ 5900
Arthur Court Cat and Monkey Candlesticks
H: 7 W: 3.5 D: 3.5
$ 425
Wicker Pigeon Box
H:10.5 W:13.5 D:6
$ 695
Bustamante Brass Snail
H:14 W:23 D:9
$ 2450
Small Pair of Blue Ceramic Kittens
H:4.5 W:3.5 D:2.5
$ 495
Medium Pair of Ceramic Blue Cats
H:8 W:5 D:4
$ 695
Vintage Leather Archery Quiver
H:30 W:6.5 D:2.5
$ 1900
Cast Iron Parrot Doorstop
H:12 W:6 D:2.5