Lion Paw Shells Mounted on Wooden and Marble Bases

These lion paw shells are mounted on brass rods with turned mahogany and marble bases. The shells and brass rods can be removed from the bases allowing different size bases to be used with each type of shell.

Lion Paw 1
Ref: R1-14 TLWM  $225.00.
Height:7,Length:5,Depth:1.5,Base Dia.:4

Lion Paw 2
Ref: Z1-14   $295.00.
Height:9,Length:5.5,Depth:2,Base Dia.:5

Lion Paw 3
Ref: Z1-14   $325.00.
Height:13.5,Length:6,Depth:2,Base Dia.:5



$ 325.00
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