Sea Shells Mounted on Vintage Aqua Glass, Priced Individually

Beautiful and rare specimens from the Pacific Ocean, all mounted on vintage apothecary bottles and inkwells.

Described from left to right in main photo.

Copper Turbo Shell – SOLD
Ref:  CT-1A  $280.00
Height:5.25, Width:3.25, Depth:3.5

Polished Abalone Shell
Ref: ABP-1A $695.00
Height:15, Width:5, Depth:2.5

Pearl Turbo Shell – SOLD
Ref: PT-1A  $280.00
Height:6.5, Width:3.75, Depth:4

Medium Crystal Abstract – SOLD
Ref: CC-2A $695.00
Height:12.5, Width:4, Depth:2.5

$ 695
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