Shell Specimens Mounted on Lucite

Four assorted shell specimens each with its own organic form and alluring sea inspired colors. Featuring a Florida Whelk, Pacific Triton, Pacific Murex, and a Horse Conch and presented on custom lucite stands. Priced individually.

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From left to right:

Florida Whelk- Ref: N3-6-LS       H: 15 W: 5.5 D: 5    $425.00
Pacific Triton- Ref: BB403L         H: 15 W: 5 D: 5        $450.00
Pacific Murex- Ref: C7-3L             H: 15.5 W: 7 D: 6    $450.00
Horse Conch- ref: TL-5L                H: 15 W: 5 D: 5       $425.00

$ 450
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