Giant Modern Realist Achromatic painting of 3 Dalmatian Dogs

Giant painting on canvas of 3 Dalmatians in a Gustavian palette. This painting has  a modernist approach to the age old tradition of dogs in paintings while touching several influences. The Dalmatians are anatomically masterfully executed. The bone, muscle structure and spotted coats show great composure and skill of the artist even down to the claws on the paws. The dogs and only the dogs have an added technic of texture of implied fur that was done with a trowel or painters knife. The black and white is almost op art in effect and the spotted dogs become hypnotic. Completed and calmed down by the muted classic architectural background and framed perfectly with black and gold; signed Anderson.

American Circa 1980

H: 44 W: 64 D: 1.5

Ref: 3153

$ 3900
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