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Colorful Shell Mirror with Banded Petholatus Shells

October 6, 2012

A very artistic and colorful shell mirror, with banded and polished petholatus shells. Height 19.5  Width: 17.5  Depth: 2.5 Ref: V2

Shell and Coral Mirror

May 16, 2012

Beautiful shell and birdsnest coral mirror. As the coral surrounds the entire mirror, this piece will need some caution when hanging. All pieces at FS Henemader are professionally examined, and any issues are professionally addressed returning each piece to its … Continue reading

Shell Vase Table Lamp

January 12, 2012

Inspired shell vase, converted to a table lamp. Incredible detail. Probably Asian. Early to Mid 20th C. Height:12, Diameter: 6 Ref: 528

Merulina Coral Centerpiece Mounted on Feet

January 6, 2012

An extravagant centerpiece made of merulina coral mounted on feet. Executed and designed by us. A beautiful addition to place on your dining table, or console. Height: 7.5, Width: 24, Depth: 20 Ref: A-457    

Merulina Coral Propeller Centerpiece

December 22, 2011

Merulina coral placed together in a twirling design  to make a “propeller” centerpiece, mounted on coquina stone. Height:13, Diameter: 15, Base 15 x 15 Ref: A-453

Bowl Coral Mounted on Blue Coral

July 26, 2011

Bowl coral mounted on blue coral, with a coquina stone base. Height:11.5 ,Width:12, Depth:8.5, Base:7 x 9 Ref: A-179

Twirly Merulina Coral Mounted on Coquina Stone

December 16, 2001

Merulina coral placed together in a twirly design to make a wondrous centerpiece, placed on coquina stone. Height:16, Width:16, Depth:13 Ref: A-454

Barnacle Centerpiece

August 23, 2001

Large barnacle centerpiece, with an irregular and layered shape, adding interest and depth to the sculpture. Designed and made at FS Henemader. Height: 7, Width: 20, Depth: 16 Ref: B102

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