Group of Three Silvered Metal Plated Seashells, Priced Individually

Striking group of four seashells including a Syrinx Aruanus, Murex, Lambis Spyder and King Helmet now and forever plated in silvered metal. Priced individually.

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Italy Circa 1980

Largest shell: Syrinx Aruanus H: 9 W: 22 D: 8 Ref: 6145A $1,800.00

Murex H: 9 W: 9 D: 6.5 Ref: 6145B $950.00

Lambis Spyder H: 3 W: 6 D: 9 Ref: 6145C $850.00

King Helmet H: 5 W: 6 D: 7 Ref: 6145D SOLD

$ 850-$1800
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