The F.S. Chronicle

The Bride & Bird


She walked with delicate little steps, towards a man she did not entirely know. She clutched in her hands, peach blossoms, of pinks, and reds, oranges, and whites. Above her, an Ibis as white as her gown, flew on. Free, and … Continue reading

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The Shelving Unit and Us


I ask my mother where are all the books, And she points to a pile of boxes. The shelving unit where they once rested, Stands tall and lonely against the wall. If I was younger, and father were alive, They … Continue reading

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Lamps of the Past


His tired eyes are about to give up, His arms are heavy, and he does not Hear the sounds coming from outside Anymore. A book resting on his lap. He knows he is about to sleep, but is Not quite … Continue reading

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Stories and Lies


The frog opened his eyes, And he was still a frog. No prince In this land, only green water in The pond. Who wrote such story? The frog Wondered, who wrote such lies? A kiss didn’t change anything, A frog … Continue reading

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This Exotic Thing


I was become with the shape of it, that familiar form. That thought provoking, beautiful, mysterious thing. I had seen her in my dreams, hips like goodness filled with cocoa and nuts, and delicate lines, yet strong and powerful. Hips … Continue reading

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Flowers Came To Town


They arrived to town, carrying two Lidded wicker baskets. Two shapes we’d never seen before, Moving calmly under the burning sun. Their shadows on the pavement became unrecognizable shapes,  Where person and basket became One nebulous form. Their steps were … Continue reading

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Lines on the Urn


The lines on the urn draw a story, a story with no time structure. The lines move forward and backwards, And wrap the urn interminably. The lines dance around the urn’s Surface, at their own pace, Moving their colors in … Continue reading

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Memories of a Sailing Day


The calm water, moves barely, Almost still. While the sailboat Floats forward, and you look down At our reflection. You tell me what the two shapes in The water are doing, what they are Saying, and what they are thinking. … Continue reading

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The Seashell You Brought Back


When the night arrives, and it’s dark Outside, I turned and look at the seashell You once brought back for me. The lines around the seashell’s body Curve gracefully, as the wrinkles next To your smile once did too. The … Continue reading

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Shapes from the Sea


Out of the sea, two shapes emerge, Covered with seashells and songs Of yesterday. They float first, then they levitate, As their forms become more defined, And their colors more alive. They move in front of our eyes, And show … Continue reading

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The Elephants Came to Town


When the elephants came to town, We were playing on the street, And their too large forms moved Forward, as we stood incredulous. They were still far, when someone Yelled, “Two elephants coming down The road!” and we all looked … Continue reading

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The Light in the Window


I saw it on my night walk, when no one was around. You could see the insides of the houses, like tiny televisions shows. A view into someones life, A glimpse really, as one walks. I never stared in, but … Continue reading

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Apple and Pear Falling


The apple fell down, Almost with disdain. The world was so new, And almost empty. The apple, the poor apple, Destined to a future of Sin and infamy. The lonely, red, apple. The pear wondered, why Wasn’t she chosen? She … Continue reading

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Childhood Table


In my first memory I’m three, almost four, And my small hands rest on the table. I don’t know my hands are small then, Only that the table is cold. I must not be alone, in this first memory, But … Continue reading

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Glass Flamingos Under the Florida Sun


Flamingos in the Florida summer, Swim around while the heat surrounds Them. The sun glares in the water, While they move smoothly. Flamingos in the incandescent Florida Heat, moving around rhythmically, While the world around them seems To almost melt. … Continue reading

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Two Pineapples in the Sky


The long, empty, road is dark, And our steps are the only sound Around us. Almost blindly, we walk Holding hands. Before we knew it, night came, As it usually does. We’ve walked For so long, you and I. But, … Continue reading

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Carnival Dolls


Every year, the carnival came to town, With colorful tents, and new songs. When summer came, we knew it was time, For the carnival to arrive. The town looked different, ready for The surprises the carnival would bring. Always something … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Like Children


Let’s be silly like children. Let’s make faces and use our imagination,  that somehow gets lost in everyday life. The bustling days of work and more work and more work and finally sleep. Sometimes we forget that we were children and could be silly … Continue reading

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What Are We Looking For?


What were we looking for? When we found them? I can’t seem to remember. It was a day, bright and unanswered. A day with few clouds, but lots of shade. Under trees we rested. Looking up into the limbs of … Continue reading

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Silver Waves


The silver waves tower over me, today and every day. Their weight is unknown. Sometimes far too heavy, but other times light like silver clouds before a needed rain. Today I feel the weight. The cold presence of their sleekness … Continue reading

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Sailing Away


I dreamt that we sailed away, you and I. Away from the fear, away from our loss. It was a dream of forgiveness, a dream of understanding and hope. With you by my side, the smell of the sea, the … Continue reading

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Two Lizards on the Wall


A pair of lizards, resting on the wall. Their bodies flat, as they say Hello to you and I. Just two lizards, resting, While the world outside moves, Sometimes too fast. They seem so tranquil, so calm, Their faces are … Continue reading

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Wall Shelf in Morocco


Somewhere in Morocco, when I Was young, I found my past. Hiding behind arches and nooks, Hiding from curious eyes. The history of a tale long gone, But not passed. A story about us, A story with no time. In … Continue reading

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Her and the Past


Her long elegant legs, Oh, how I long for! Her lush features, as if They hand been hand crafted. Or perhaps they were hand carved, A provocative hand drawing Dramatic features. Oh, how I long for! In nights like tonight, … Continue reading

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A Story Must


The mahogany desk in the room, Just like the desks of the past, And a story builds within himself, A story he can’t predict or delay. The blank page sitting on the leather top Invites him to sit down and … Continue reading

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A Fruit for My Love


If I were to pick a fruit, for you, my love, it would have to be the best, the best fruit one could find. It’s winter now and fruit is scarce, but I will find a fruit for you, my … Continue reading

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Joy Parade


When the day is over, and we both Get home, after another day of work, She’ll be there. Smiling By the door. Even before we turned around the Corner, her ears will go up, Knowing we are close. Today And … Continue reading

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Silver Lotus Leaves Dance


Lotus flowers play, in the wind Reaching for the sky. They dance, In small circles with the wind, Under the morning sun. Lotus flower, with silver lotus leaves, Gliding under the sun, a sun made Out of brass, welcoming them … Continue reading

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The Library Stairs


The library stairs, sat in a large room, Surrounded by books. The smell of Mahogany brought memories from Other times, as I walked around. Since I was young, it was my favorite Part of the house, even before I could … Continue reading

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Whale in the Basement


The whale hides, in my grandmother’s house. It’s a secret her and I have, and we keep it between the two of us, because it’s our secret. It’s hidden in the basement, behind a few dusty photo albums, where we … Continue reading

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Walking Around the Lamp


The elephant saw the camel come back, Just like the day before, and the day Before that. The camel seemed tired, And the elephant lightly smiled. We see each other again, like every day, The camel said and returned the … Continue reading

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The Animals in the Canvas


They walk free, like children, Surrounded by vibrant colors and Unusual shapes. Moving along the jungle, The animals play. They know well their surroundings, It is their home, and they’re happy. Their bodies navigate the vegetation, And their legs move … Continue reading

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Things Untouched


I dreamt of a day on a beach in Portugal, The sand was glistening, full of wood colored so perfectly, that only time could paint. The sand sparkled on my legs, as I watched the wood, some pieces were sliding … Continue reading

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Vase Under the Italian Sky


Somewhere in Italy we found a floor vase, You saw it first, in the distance, Standing tall in the country side. We walked to it, discovering its shape Under the warm Italian sun, it glowed As new discoveries usually do. … Continue reading

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Childhood Toys


I was already running late, and as it happens when you are late, traffic was worse than ever. Perhaps it was because I had left my home ten minutes later than usual, or maybe there was an accident, but there … Continue reading

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Breakfast in Bed


It was a day drenched in sunlight, as I woke late and decided to stay in bed and listen. I listened to my husband’s gentle feet in the kitchen. I could hear the tea boil, as was tradition after a … Continue reading

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Moving Fronds


I watch the rain from my window, its lonely drops smacking the glass, asking to come in and keep me company. They beg to drip upon my face and feel satisfied. But, I cannot help to think of a hot day, … Continue reading

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An Ode to Pride


Oh, be it! Punish me for having walked around this world, with my head held high, my belly sucked in. Oh, be it! Be done with it, I say. Because you mistake my pride for arrogance. Ah, yes! Pride. Are … Continue reading

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Weightless Moments


Do you ever think about becoming weightless? A weightless so freeing that it would be impossible to go back. Back to our heavy, strained bodies. Back to our reluctant minds. I once watched a turtle cross Seville Road. Inch by … Continue reading

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Our Season


We know it’s early, but we can’t help but grin. We feel the wind change and see the colors of brick and joy. It is our season, and we are fully dressed. Ready for the show, the dreams, and the … Continue reading

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Timeless Friends


They sit by the door, like timeless statues, And we try to not make any sounds, so our Presence is not noticed, and we can continue To admire their innocence. If we make any noise, they will look in our … Continue reading

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Our Chairs Await Us


When we come home, older, tired, quiet, They wait for us with open arms. Their feathers spread out in a warm hug, Waiting for you and I to sit down. When we bring stories from our daily Lives, when we … Continue reading

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The Year of the Cat


It was February of 1999 when I arrived in Vietnam and made my way to one of the most colorful markets in the world. When I stepped on the brown clay ground of Sapa and looked at my surroundings of … Continue reading

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Under the Cherry Blossom Tree


I hadn’t yet considered what it would mean when she picked the fruit from the Cherry Blossom Tree and handed it to me, her fingers slightly stained. The tree itself reminded me of snow, but it was spring. At least … Continue reading

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Blue Butterflies


She saw the blue butterflies dancing at her feet. They moved with the wind. Oh, to be so free, she thought. She remembered her sweet love and how he treated her as a flower Just as these butterflies were They … Continue reading

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Three Leather Stools Under the Sun


The three of us walk, under the burning sun, No one talks, but we know all we think about is We are tired. We walk, or crawl, in silent and at Times, we can hear the sun falling on our … Continue reading

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Watching the Sun Glow


I’ve seen it glow, behind the mountains of the past, Surrounded by a pure blue sky, and light clouds. I’ve seen it glow, showering with light the ruins Of an old civilization that was there once. I’ve seen it glow, … Continue reading

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Dolphin in the Storm


 The skies are still blue, but some clouds in the vicinity Gather, as the wind slowly picks up, and the Ocean, moving faster and faster in circles, Tells the dolphin the storm is coming. Soon, the day will become dark, … Continue reading

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His Father’s Wine Bar


It’s Friday evening, and the weight of the week falls on his shoulders, as he sits in the same old chair, and reflects on the recent events that have taken place in his home, or at least he thinks they … Continue reading

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Friends Walking Home


The three friends walked, in the rising day, Not fast or slow, but in a steady pace. The three friends walked, one more time, Without looking at each other, or looking back. One of them wanted to run, his legs … Continue reading

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Columns in the Dying Night


The columns stand, in the dying night, The sun has gone down, and the weight Of our past, rests on their shoulders. Still, They stand, in front of us, infinite. The columns we once saw, in our youth, Now older … Continue reading

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Two Elephants Holding a Gong


There has to be someone around here, Said the elephant to his partner, Who can hit the gong while we hold it. My trunk is tired, and my legs feel heavy. We have been walking for days now, Miles and … Continue reading

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Discovering a New World


Down below into the sea, where the light disappears, And the water becomes like the night, I saw a face Of a creature I never knew. We locked eyes, in silence, And we both recognized I was lost. The water … Continue reading

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Rocco and his Best Friend


Rocco had been running for three hours, but to him it felt as if it had been days. The Florida heat pushed him down, and the more he ran, the more nervous he became, and the more tired he got. … Continue reading

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New Student


George arrived that November morning to our classroom, and the teacher introduced him as a new member of our first-grade class. All of us, curious six and seven years olds, welcomed our first ever transferred student. George said hi back, … Continue reading

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Parakeets Flying Back Home


A pair of parakeets fly back home, It’s been a long day, and their wings move In the air, pushing through the wind As the day dies behind them. They have traveled long distances, And the thought of being back … Continue reading

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Home by Sea


If I go back, may it be by sea, In a mahogany boat, with strong winds. Returning to a place I once knew, A place simultaneously old, and new. When I go back, may my boat travel soft, Soft like … Continue reading

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Seagulls in the Morning


The seagulls stand, in the rising morning, The sun coming up, while they look into the horizon. A few clouds above them, far from each other and Lonely, while the seagulls feel the ocean breeze. It’s still early, and the … Continue reading

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Lines and Drawings on the Jars


Two tobacco jars, sitting in front of us. We rest in silence, and imagine where did they Come from. You say they belonged to a king, And I say the don’t belong to anyone, not us. They have lines on … Continue reading

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The Circus is in Town


The circus came back every August, and the whole town became a brighter place. Since the beginning of summer, everyone started getting ready for the arrival of the circus. Some houses were painted, people started wearing colorful clothes, and even … Continue reading

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Brass Palm Trees


The sun has fallen down, in Florida, And the palm trees, once brown and Green, are now covered with the sun’s Light, gliding tall in the grass. The sun has melted down – it’s summer- And the leaves look now … Continue reading

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The Rhinoceros and I


I saw a rhinoceros walk by, His large steps moved the land, and his Heavy breathing made the air around us More powerful. He was quite large. I saw a rhinoceros walk in the green grass, His eyes were calm, … Continue reading

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Marching in Summer Days


The men came marching down the street, And the afternoon was quickly filled with their presence. The men, all different, but also alike, walked In the avenue, as we pushed people to see them better. Their uniforms, cleaned and ironed, … Continue reading

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Two Elephants in the Endless Sunlight


I imagine we are elephants, two young elephants glowing in the early morning, like figures made out of cast bronze. We run in the field, and play, and the horizon is endless, and I try to keep up with you, … Continue reading

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Hot Air Balloon Ride


Mrs. Goodland knew it was going to be a difficult day, when she realized she put her left foot down first, as she was getting out of bed, something she had avoided for 82 years, three months, and seven days. … Continue reading

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Timeless Peacocks


They sit in the middle of the room, each A universe of their own, each a resting bird Laying in nature. They sit there, calmly and Timeless, while the world moves around them. Their feathers open up, and play with … Continue reading

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Two Tropical Maracas


When the time comes, to say goodbye, And the shadow that looms over us becomes Even darker, I would like to hide And become a musical maraca, perhaps. When the silence threatens with taking over, And your voice becomes softer … Continue reading

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Robert’s Zoo


Robert will always remember the day his mother took him to the street market to buy some fruit, and on the way there he stopped in front of a store window, to look at the carved wood elephant head on … Continue reading

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Sea Horse Andirons


The fire grows, and the wood burns, More and more. While the sea horses move Through the burning surface, with calm pace, As if they were floating. Two sea horses, andirons sea horses, In a sea of fire, moving from … Continue reading

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Toucans in the Tree


Seven colorful toucans, welcome the sunlight, They’re eyes are burning, and they want To blink, but they resist and look on forward, Towards the new day ahead. Seven bright toucans, with their long beaks and their adventurous wings, stand on … Continue reading

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The Fish in the Pith Paintings


It’s a grey day, and the humidity in the environment makes us breathe water, and suddenly we feel as if we were submerged, and we are not waking anymore, instead we swim, and our bodies move through the water almost … Continue reading

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What Hides in the Drawers


The first drawer opens up with difficulty, As if no one had tried to open it in a long time. When it finally comes out, it smells of yesterday, And I wonder, who was the last one to smell its … Continue reading

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Three Traveling Turtles


Three turtles walk in the timid night, Their bodies not yet tired move rhythmically, As the intense darkness makes tomorrow Seems far and distant. The three turtles know the way, and know It takes time to travel old roads. Three … Continue reading

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Old Dance with the Sea


The waves have left their mark, in her body, And the scent of the now dissolved sand, still lingers In her surface. She moves, back and forth, effortlessly, like the current once around her. Her delicate look is just an … Continue reading

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Lexi’s Flowers


On the first day of school, Oscar saw Lexi, and his world stopped. Her hair, he thought, was so long, wavy, and brown and gold, and her skin looked so delicate, almost like silk, and her shoulders were round, as … Continue reading

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Still Time to Celebrate


The town is all getting ready, for the party Of the end of the year. The streets start to Fill with a whisper, the whisper of Celebration. But he sits, still and quiet. What can an old elephant celebrate? He … Continue reading

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Cheetah Under the Sun


He lays down on a rug made out of grass. Grass green, wet, and fresh, while everything Else around him wakes up to the sun above, And he knows it’s not time to run yet. He looks around, like many … Continue reading

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The Nautilus Seashell


Many years ago, someone told my mother a story about a man named Robert, and the Nautilus seashell he once found, and she later told the story to me. Perhaps it was my uncle who told the story to my … Continue reading

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Starfish in the Glass Dome


When I first got here, there were only four of us. How long ago, you asked? I’m not sure, probably a long time ago, since we are nine now, and I believe we were four for a while. But, who … Continue reading

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Music of the Night


The night has come back, one more time, And after staring at the ceiling with wide eyes, The dream finally returns, and so do the Drums, which fill up the night. He is again twelve, or perhaps thirteen, And walks … Continue reading

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Jumping in the Dying Day


The green grass and the almost dark sky Meet in the background, while a patch Of blue sky still fights before leaving. The day is not over, and there’s still time. Their shadows follow their play as they Jump, and … Continue reading

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Family Bird


We are playing at my grandparent’s home, running around the living room, as someone yells we shouldn’t run. I’m only six, or maybe seven, so I’m just following my cousins. We run, and laugh, and stop, and then pick up … Continue reading

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New Year’s Toast


The cricket stood up to take a look around, One more time, and his eyes suddenly Could not only see the present ahead, But also, were filled with images of the past. The year had gone by faster this time, … Continue reading

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Passed Warm Christmas


If I could pick a present, for the upcoming Holiday season, only one would come To mind. That is to experienced once more The excitement Christmas once brought. If I could move to a land, any land I choose, That … Continue reading

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Storks in the Mercury Glass Vases


It only takes place when I’m home alone, And the empty streets outside are dark. I open my window, to let the breeze in, And then they come out and fly. During the day, they live inside their home, In … Continue reading

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The Past and the Settee


The cane, connected by hands long gone, Rests in the wood, with a dignified stance Only time can provide. While the world Quickly moves forward, in concentric circles. The time has passed, through the old settee, and the stories are … Continue reading

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Climbing the Pagoda


We walk into the first level; the room is empty and we wonder if we will make it to the top. A light breeze welcomes us, and we know well the top is our objective. We don’t talk about it, … Continue reading

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Singing Brass Fish


The blue body of water was cold, and Even though the sun burned my shoulders, The fresh liquid made me shiver. So, I moved My legs and arms to feel warmer. The waves came one after another, with a Rhythm … Continue reading

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Elephant’s Melancholy


I saw an elephant today, with his Trunk down, looking tired and maybe Sad. An elephant walking slowly, as if Counting the steps left, steps left for home. Perhaps there were two elephants, but they Walked so close to each … Continue reading

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Memories Sitting in a Chair


There are many things we remember, he thinks, as we get older and our memories come and go, sometimes slowly, and sometimes like flashing lights. Of all the things he remembers, the one material thing that comes to him the … Continue reading

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A Closed and Silent Box


The day is about to start, the moon hides, and the box is still laying there, closed. Another day, like many others before, Showing its glow, and the box lies there, silent. The sun starts to reveal itself, and he … Continue reading

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October is The Last Month


Last night I had another nightmare, and this time I remember it better than before. In the dream, I had just woken up sweating, and I knew I had just had a nightmare. A nightmare within a nightmare. I woke … Continue reading

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The General’s Boots


The General has lost his boots. He awoke, and they were not there, and Life has not been the same since. His Boots are missing, and the future is uncertain. The General cannot understand, what could Have happened? They were … Continue reading

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Forever Palm Trees


The sky was grey, just like most days, as grey as a donkey’s belly. We only had summer for a couple of months back home, and even then it never really got sunny. Most of the year we lived under … Continue reading

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Musical Silhouettes


Somewhere not too far, three silhouettes go by, Playing musical instruments in the Still young night. Three silhouettes, colorful And quite alive, play their music and dance. The troubles that seem to surround us Do not affect them, they just … Continue reading

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Pendant Light in the Horizon


I see a light hanging in the horizon, the night Is empty, and a pair of lonely dogs walk by. In the distance, there’s music, but it must come from Far away, as I only hear it as a whisper. … Continue reading

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Memories of Blue Coral


The beach is full of people, after all it is a sunny day and the water is warm and clear. Locals and tourist come and go, walking on the hot sand, and enjoying the summer day. Plying by the shore, … Continue reading

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Past and New Stripes


The lines run through her body, like Brush strokes made by an artist who Has already been forgotten. The strokes, thin And dark, keep the artist’s lost secrets. Her eyes, intense and nostalgic, stare at me, And I can only … Continue reading

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A New World of Birds


He always felt uncomfortable around birds. It wasn’t that he didn’t like them, but perhaps he feared them a little, so their presence always had an impact on him. He didn’t quite trust the way they looked at him, or … Continue reading

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West Indies Voyage


When Christopher Columbus arrived to the West Indies he was probably quite tired. The men traveling with him, perhaps about to reach madness, must have felt great satisfaction seeing land, and finally stepping on it. At least this is what … Continue reading

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