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Antique Anglo Indian Bone Bird

January 14, 2022

Whimsical antique Anglo Indian bird crafted in tessellated bone over carved wood in a naive folk style enhanced with cabochon stone eyes. As seen in last photo of the listing, a bone lion is also available. Be sure to follow … Continue reading

Lofty Pair of Glazed Earthenware Parrots

December 16, 2021

Lofty pair of parrots crafted in terra cotta decorated in tropical colors and glazed while perched on faux tree trunks. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques Italy Circa 1970 H: 14.5 W: 7 D: 5 Ref: 5942

Pair of Francois Martinet Antique Hand Colored French Bird Engravings

November 30, 2021

Historical pair of 18th century hand colored bird engravings from the original book “Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux” published in 1770 with the artwork by artist, engraver and early naturalist Francois Martinet. Presented in rustic painted wood frames. Be sure to … Continue reading

Life Size Carved and Painted Wood Parrot Sculpture

November 11, 2021

Life like wood parrot expertly carved and painted with inspired accuracy, perched on an organic wood stand. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques US Circa 1980 H: 15 W: 8 D: 7 Ref: 5877

Set of Seven Antique English Bird Prints

September 13, 2021

Inspired set of seven 19th century parrot and parakeet prints published in England in 1884 in a book “Parrots in Captivity” by W. T. Greene. The prints are crafted with a woodblock technique by Benjamin Fawcett with vivid tropical colors … Continue reading

Three Antique Hand Colored Engravings of Birds by Peter Brown

August 25, 2021

Here are three 18th century hand colored engravings of parrot specimens as depicted by Peter Brown, an artist and naturalist, working in London England. Originally published in 1776 in a folio titled “New Illustrations of Zoology.” Be sure to follow … Continue reading

Mid Century Acrylic Painting on Canvas of Two Parrots in the Rain

June 24, 2021

Striking mid century acrylic painting on canvas of two parrots in a tree with rain drops executed with bold tropical colors and a sense of movement. One can almost hear this painting. Signed by the noted artist Jessica Rice in … Continue reading

Pair of Vintage Chinese Cloisonné Birds

March 23, 2021

Intriguing pair of vintage Chinese cloisonne or enamel on brass birds with quizzical expressions, colorful wings and tails, blue bodies and floral bases. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques China Circa 1960 H: 9.5 W: 3.5 D: 2.5 Ref: … Continue reading

Carved Wood Sculpture of Two Birds in a Tree by Leroy Ortega

March 18, 2021

Whimsical sculpture of a parrot with a strawberry and a toucan with a banana created in wood and decorated with tropical colors. Signed by the noted artist Leroy Ortega on the bottom. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques … Continue reading

Pair of Porcelain White Birds of Prey

September 11, 2020

Impressive pair of porcelain birds or white falcons with their confident attitude and formidable talons perched on faux tree trunks. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques Italy Circa 1950 H: 13.5 W: 10 D: 6 Ref: 5270

Carved Stone Parrot on a Frosted Lucite Base

August 27, 2020

Lofty parrot sculpture hand carved from exotic semi-precious stones with brass feet and perched on a frosted lucite base. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques Brazil Circa 1980 H: 12 W: 6 D: 4 Ref: 5257

Pair of French Porcelain Parrots

July 16, 2020

Pair of French porcelain parrots with lively expressions and colorful plumage perched on tree trunks with flowers. Originally sold by noted importers Ovington New York. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques France Circa 1950 H: 14 W: 10 … Continue reading

Carved Semi Precious Stone Parrot Sculpture

September 20, 2019

Inspired Brazilian parrot carved from semi precious stones perched on a quartz geode and presented on a lucite base. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques Brazil Circa 1980 H: 17.5 W: 8 D: 6 Ref: 4928

Chinoiserie Style Terra Cotta Parrot Sculpture

July 12, 2019

Charming life size terra cotta parrot or bird with a quizzical expression, decorated and glazed with soft muted colors. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques China Circa 1960 H: 21 W: 8 D: 13 Ref: 4841

Art Deco Style Enamel and Brass Parrot on a Perch

Italian parrot or bird decorated with an alluring indigo blue enamel over brass and perched on a polished and lacquered stand set on a streamlined base. Signed Mangani Oggetti on the inside of the tail feather. Be sure to follow … Continue reading

Pair of Chinese Cloisonné Parakeets

June 26, 2019

Pair of Chinese cloisonné parakeets or birds with colorful plumage and humorous expressions. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques China Circa 1930 H: 11 W: 7 D: 4 Ref: 4821

Pair of Brazilian Carved Stone Parrots

May 31, 2019

Delightful pair of parrots or birds carved from various semiprecious stones with an amusing expression and brass feet perched on carved stone tree trunks. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques Brazil Circa 1990 H: 10 W: 4.5 D: … Continue reading

Antique Chinoiserie Pith Painting of Birds

March 21, 2019

Rare framed and matted antique Chinese painting of birds. Painted on pith paper with gouache in bold colors in a scholastic style. Having the expected ware and foxing. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques China Circa 1830 H: … Continue reading

Tropical Crewelwork Tiger Pillows

February 6, 2019

Whimsical linen pillows hand decorated with a tiger and a bird under a palm tree. Button back for easy care. Priced individually. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques US 21st Century H: 12 W: 12 D: 5 Ref: … Continue reading

Porcelain Bust of a Bird Gondolier

January 3, 2019

Whimsical Italian porcelain bust of a Crow or bird decked out in the classic Venetian boatman’s striped shirt and straw hat. Signed on the bottom Italy Royal Majolyca. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques Italy Circa 1960 H: … Continue reading

Pair of Carved and Painted Horn Birds

August 8, 2018

Pair of Chinese vintage carved and painted horn eagles or hawks with an alluring, stylized interpretation of these majestic birds of prey. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques China Circa 1960 H: 9.5 W: 5 D: 3.5 Ref: … Continue reading

Moderist Acrylic Painting of Birds

June 27, 2018

Mid century Acrylic painting on board with soft soothing palette. Featuring a repeating image in the pop style and executed with brush and air brush techniques. Signed on the back Alvena McCormick 77. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques North … Continue reading

Large Watercolor Painting of a Toucan

May 15, 2018

Bold watercolor painting on paper of a toucan or bird with evocative tropical colors and an amusing presence. Signed Timothy Bailey 86 on the lower right. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques American Circa 1980 H: 32 W: 47.5 D: … Continue reading

Mario Torres Flamingo Floor Lamp

September 2, 2015

Mario Torres flamingo floor lamp striking a familiar one-legged pose. Constructed of a metal frame wrapped in wicker or reed. Featuring brass beaks and eyes, standing in front of a patch of reeds. Signed Mario Torres 1974 on a brass … Continue reading

Pair of Mario Torres Cockatoo Table Lamps

August 24, 2015

Pair of Mario Torres table lamps depicting Cockatoos perched on a branch with brass and copper beaks and copper eyes. Constructed of a metal frame tightly wrapped in wicker or reed with matching wicker shades. Signed Mario Torres 1974 on … Continue reading

A Pair of Faux Horn and Metal Heron Form Candlesticks

July 3, 2014

In the matter of Binazzi, this pair of faux horn and gold metal heron or bird candlesticks, are illegibly signed on the base of each bird. Great form with candle cup holding beaks, these birds would be dramatic in any … Continue reading