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Antique Circus Snake Charmers Bench or Chaise Lounge

May 24, 2023

Rare and remarkable bench or chaise lounge once used in a circus or carnival crafted in pine with dramatic carvings of snakes in a basket in a floral field with a cat head medallion, retaining its original paint and gilt … Continue reading

Three Large Modernist Oil Paintings on Canvas of Birds by Bras Dias

September 23, 2022

Three dazzling oil paintings on canvas, one of a parrot on a trapeze under a crescent moon and over a distant circus tent, one of a magical dove on a trapeze with flags under a full moon, and one of … Continue reading

Group of Three Vintage Decorative Ball Top Wood Pegs

March 1, 2022

Intriguing group of three vintage decorative markers crafted in wood and painted with primary colors, now distressed. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques Italy Circa 1950 H: 14.5 DM: 5.5 Ref: 6006

Vintage Three Piece Child’s Circus Train Toys

December 16, 2021

A lion, a monkey riding a dog, and a rabbit crafted in metal and hand painted, riding on wooden cars in a simple time and place. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques US Circa 1950 Rabbit- H: 3.5 … Continue reading

Two Acrylic Paintings on Board by Shirley Tattersfield

November 24, 2021

Two striking acrylic paintings on board, one of a cabaret or can-can dancer on a stage and one of a gentleman seated at a card table and both with painted theatrical frames by the noted American muralist, Shirley Tattersfield. Priced … Continue reading

Set of Six Carnival Knockdown Dolls

May 21, 2020

Step right up to this set of six vintage folk art carnival knockdown dolls crafted in canvas, hand painted on both sides, trimmed with cotton fur and weighted at the bottom. Knock them all down and win any prize in … Continue reading

Pair of Oil Paintings on Board

December 23, 2017

Pair of antique oil on board oval panels portraying folky whimsical lion heads. These panels are architectural remnants possible from a circus car. Be sure to follow us on @fshenemaderantiques United States Circa 1920 H: 15 W: 20.5 D: 1 … Continue reading