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Organic Finger Coral Sculpture

September 1, 2016

Designed and crafted by F.S. Henemader, this finger coral sculpture has an inviting organic color and form. Enhance any style interior with this authentic coral gift from mother nature. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques Solomon Islands. Contemporary. … Continue reading

Octopus Coral Centerpiece on Coquina Stone

September 25, 2014

Octopus coral forms in strange varieties of shapes, with structures ranging from tight delicate clusters of tentacles to a more thick substantial tree like growth. Extremely sculptural in form, these centerpieces are a great scale for bookcases, consoles, credenzas or … Continue reading

Cup Coral Centerpiece on Coquina Stone

August 12, 2014

Cup corals grow in solitary forms often in caves or under overhangs. The individual leaves are thick and crusty, the natural curl of the coral lends itself to the creations of large, almost floral centerpieces.  These cup coral sculptures are exclusively … Continue reading

Merulina Coral Centerpiece on Coquina Stone

April 11, 2014

Really lovely merulina coral sculpture or centerpiece, mounted on a coquina stone base. Designed and hand made by FS Henemader. Height: 15, Width: 16, Depth: 9, Base: 8 x 8 Ref: C11