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Merulina Coral Centerpiece on Coquina Stone

August 27, 2014

The merulina coral is truly the flower of the sea, with concentric coral petals wrapping one around the other. This is a take on one of mother natures finest moments. Real and natural white merulina coral, designed, hand cut and … Continue reading

Merulina Coral Centerpiece on Coquina Stone

April 11, 2014

Really lovely merulina coral sculpture or centerpiece, mounted on a coquina stone base. Designed and hand made by FS Henemader. Height: 15, Width: 16, Depth: 9, Base: 8 x 8 Ref: C11

Merulina Coral Centerpiece Mounted on Feet

January 6, 2012

An extravagant centerpiece made of merulina coral mounted on feet. Executed and designed by us. A beautiful addition to place on your dining table, or console. Height: 7.5, Width: 24, Depth: 20 Ref: A-457    

Merulina Coral Propeller Centerpiece

December 22, 2011

Merulina coral placed together in a twirling design¬† to make a “propeller” centerpiece, mounted on coquina stone. Height:13, Diameter: 15, Base 15 x 15 Ref: A-453