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Giant Antique Sea Turtle Shell

March 27, 2021

Here we present a rare giant sea turtle shell with its organic form and variegated colors.   One of mother natures most iconic creations. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques US Circa 1880 H: 35 W: 25 D: 13 Ref: … Continue reading

Pair of Seashell Floral Table Lamps

January 28, 2021

Sea inspired pair of table lamps crafted with white shells in ambitious floral designs and presented on Lucite bases. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques Italy Circa 2010 H: 30 DM: 8 Ref: 5467

Five Seashells with Decoupage Designs

August 27, 2020

Five seashells edged with gold and silvered metal and decorated with delightful decoupaged designs each with its own gift box. Priced individually. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques US Contemporary H: 3.5 W: 4.5 D: 1.5 Reference numbers … Continue reading

Decorative Shell Keychains

August 20, 2020

Here we have a variety of five different keychains each with an oyster shell decorated with decoupage lithographs, glass beads, and gift bags. Priced individually. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques US Contemporary H: 6 W: 2 D: … Continue reading

Large Syrinx Aranus Seashell

February 6, 2019

Super sized Syrinx Aranus seashell specimen with a lovely peachy palette and sea inspired spiral growth pattern. Size and condition make this one a rare find. Be sure to find us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques H: 8.5 W: 21 D: 10 … Continue reading

Turbo Marmoratus Seashell Specimen

February 4, 2019

Brilliant example of a Turbo Marmoratus seashell in the spiraling form of mother nature’s sacred geometry with opalescent whites and tints outlined in iridescent blues. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques H: 4.5 W: 7 D: 7 Ref: … Continue reading

Antique Turtle or Tortoise Shell

April 28, 2018

Authentic antique tortoise shell displaying one of Mother Nature’s most iconic designs. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques American Circa 1910 H: 16 W: 15 D: 4 Ref: 4402

Unusual Shaped Shell Encrusted Mahogany Box

October 18, 2011

A shell encrused mahogany box with an trifoil shaped lid. Contemporary. Height: 4.5  Dia. 12 Ref: V1  

Huge Fiberglass Nautilus Shell

August 8, 2011

A very large and impressive fiberglass nautilus shell mounted on a wood base. Extremely decorative. A few cracks in the finish, consistent with age. USA. Mid 20th C. Height: 31, Width: 36, Depth: 19 Ref: 1074