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Pair of Antique Cast Brass Seashell Wall Sconces

December 18, 2021

Standout pair of British colonial wall sconces with cast brass seashells and three turned brass candle cups. Hand polished and lacquered for easy care. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques England Circa 1910 H: 15 W: 11 D: … Continue reading

Mid Century Wood Nautilus Shell Sculpture

December 8, 2021

Lofty mid century sculpture crafted in oak and ash woods with striking precision creating a mind blowing double sided nautilus seashell. Presented on a lucite base. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques Denmark Circa 1960 H: 24 W: … Continue reading

Set of Six Giclee Seashell Prints by John Matthew Moore

October 11, 2021

Striking set of six limited edition seashell prints executed in a giclee technique signed John Matthew Moore and numbered 175/295. Presented under glass in beveled mirror frames. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques US Circa 1995 H: 28 … Continue reading

Turbo Marmoratus Seashell Specimen

February 4, 2019

Brilliant example of a Turbo Marmoratus seashell in the spiraling form of mother nature’s sacred geometry with opalescent whites and tints outlined in iridescent blues. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques H: 4.5 W: 7 D: 7 Ref: … Continue reading

Large Authentic Nautilus Seashell

February 1, 2019

Large nautilus shell with tiger-like stripes and an iconic form that exemplifies the logarithmic growth spiral or sacred geometry as mother nature displays her sculptural prowess. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques H: 6 W: 8 D: 4 … Continue reading

Large Truncata Spyder Seashell

Truncata Spyder seashell with a dramatic unusually complete form and sea inspired colors that have a magical iridescent glow. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques H: 4.5 W: 13 D: 7 Ref: 12-3

Set of Three Large Seashell Engravings, Priced Individually

June 13, 2018

Impressive set of three large vintage hand colored engravings depicting seashell specimens executed in the scholastic style of the early naturalists. Having plenty of decorative appeal, large scale, and black lacquered wood frames. Priced individually. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fshenemaderantiques North … Continue reading