Chandeliers and Halloween Dreams

That night he dreamed he woke up late

For work. He ran to the bus stop, his hair

Moving in the wind side to side,

And his legs feeling heavier with each step.

In the dream, he wandered for a second,

If he could be dreaming, but the fear of

Being late distracted him from that thought.

He was almost at the bus stop.

When he arrived to wait for the bus,

The people he could see from far away

Had disappeared, and he found himself

Standing alone under a red chandelier.

The once outside bus stop, was an indoor

Booth now, and the chandelier above him

Was all he could see. He looked up and

The chandelier was larger than moments before.

He tried to move, as the chandelier grew above

Him, but his legs wouldn’t respond,

And the chandelier was about to touch his head.

He awoke before the chandelier crushed him.

He felt uneasy, but couldn’t remember his dream,

And noticed he was late for work. He left home

In a rush, and went to catch the bus. His hair moved side

To side as he ran, and his legs started to feel tired.