A White Hippo in the Night

The white hippopotamus, standing under

The dark sky, remembers the day his

Father introduced him to the stars. The night was

somber, and they had spent the day walking far.

If you are ever lost, the father said,

Or need guidance, look at the stars,

And they will lead you. Because it is

At night, that we find the way back home.

His father was a gentle hippo, who liked

To talk to his son. Life was simple then,

And the days went by between being in

The water and laying in the grass.

So, he didn’t think much of that night,

Not then, and not the day after. But he

Remembered it, as he remembered everything

His old hippo father shared with him.

Until one day, when the night came,

And he realized he had lost his way.

What does a hippo do, when he can’t find

Home? He thought.

He looked up, and saw the stars. They

were brighter than before, and they

pointed north. The white hippo smiled at,

the night, and started the way back home.

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