Boat From The Past

When they went back home, they didn’t

Know what would be left of the past.

The trip had been a quiet journey,

And silence seemed soothing against memories.

The house sat on a hill, far from the town,

And every step towards it reminded them

Of a time long gone. How many times can

Someone return home in one life?

In the darkness, they recognized the house;

The old door, the balcony, the sad paint.

And before they went in, they saw it,

Standing by the door, a fraction of them.

They saw the mahogany boat model,

Standing there, reminding them of

An easier time, a happier time.

They saw it, and the past rushed in, like water.

The marks in the mahogany, were

Marks on their bodies, and the years of abandonment

Were theirs too. Their past lived in that boat model,

And it wasn’t as scary anymore.

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