Brass Palm Trees

The sun has fallen down, in Florida,

And the palm trees, once brown and

Green, are now covered with the sun’s

Light, gliding tall in the grass.

The sun has melted down – it’s summer-

And the leaves look now like long golden

Coins, but they still move with the wind,

And they’re still light.

The palm trees are now made out of brass,

Tall, blonde, and bright palm trees

In the Florida heat. Brass palm trees

Glowing in the green landscape.

Even the coconuts have turned like the sun.

And they hang high, like luminescent bulbs,

And threaten with falling down, an exploding

Like fire spheres.

The sun has fallen down, in Florida,

The sun has melted down, and the

Brass palm trees around us glow another

Day, while we enjoy their new light.

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