Colorful Dreams

The night returns, I close my eyes, and

The sounds around me slowly disappear.

Or better yet, they accompany me, while

I close my eyes, guiding the images I see.


I see colorful structures, a clear sky, which

Makes everything brighter.

I see an orange castle, and yellow

Walls. I see a red mountain in the distance.


I must be dreaming, I think, these colors

Are too bright, but you just smile,

And I don’t mind if it’s a dream or not,

And you say I look colorful too, and laugh.

I see a blue ocean behind us, and arches,

Arches around us, showing us the way.

I turn around, and I see elephants,

Welcoming us to the castle.


Which one is your favorite elephant?

I asked, and you say the second to the left,

Because he smiles with his whole body. I

Hadn’t noticed it until then, but you’re right

When will we go back home, I wonder,

And you seem to read my mind, as usual,

And hold my hand and smile, and we

Both know there’s no way back home.

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