Colors of Summers Past

Memories are colors and images blending together, floating in a cloud of nostalgia, and evolving as time goes by. At least, that’s how my memories work, and I keep them as a collection of paintings that tell my time and my stories. There’s bright ones, opaque ones, blurry ones, and some that change according to the day I remember them.

Of all of them, some of my favorite painting-memories are the summer ones. I close my eyes, see them, and smile as the happy colors go through my mind bringing the laughs of the summers past. I see them, full of light blues and yellows, reminding me of beaches and oceans I once saw and will be with me for the rest of my life.

I see the sun reflected in the water, the boats in the distance, I see lights and shapes dancing, I see my own little boat, and of course I see her. We are young, she is beautiful, and the sun behind her makes her look as if she was nude. The sun is almost blinding, but my eyes fight to see her shape. The little boat floats as we step into it, and the ocean is calm, and blue, and safe.

Summer memories continue to come, always vibrant dancing like a melodic parade of images. We step in the boat, and for a moment we are frozen, time has stopped in this gorgeous summer day, and that is the painting-memory I see now. The boat in the background changes colors, so does my boat, but the feeling of excitement and happiness is perennial.

I open my eyes and realize for a moment I have forgotten one more time where I am. Memory took me to one of the many paintings I have of my past. Outside is hot and humid, and the sun coming through the window makes me warm and also sleepy. I see more colors coming in the distance, so I close my eyes and let them take over.

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