Discovering a New World

Down below into the sea, where the light disappears,

And the water becomes like the night, I saw a face

Of a creature I never knew. We locked eyes, in silence,

And we both recognized I was lost.

The water around me was cold, and I didn’t need to

Move my arms anymore, instead I floated, as if I

Had always been so low in the ocean. But that was

Not the case, and I was afraid.

The creature in front of me had a serpent’s body,

But a dolphin face. He was gold, and bright, and soon

I realized, it was his light that allowed me to see

In the darkness of the water. I was cold.

You’re not from here, he said, you are lost

And invading my world. I tried to answer, but

I couldn’t speak under water. What do you want,

What are you searching for? Where is your home?

I wanted to answer, but my words were lost, so

I smiled, and hoped to float towards above.

But the ocean was cold, and the creature didn’t

Smile back. He just swam around me, in silence.

I closed my eyes, and felt the creature closer to me,

It was warm, and its touch was gentle.

When I awoke I was laying in the sand, alone,

But I knew I had discover a new world.

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