Dolphin in the Storm

 The skies are still blue, but some clouds in the vicinity

Gather, as the wind slowly picks up, and the

Ocean, moving faster and faster in circles,

Tells the dolphin the storm is coming.

Soon, the day will become dark, and the wind

Will move the Palm Trees from side to side,

And the ocean from side to side, and perhaps

Buildings too, while people hide.

But the dolphin does not worry, the sea is

His home, and he knows when changes are coming,

 as he swims around, back and forth, and finds a

safe place to hide.

The dolphin senses the sky getting dark,

And the ocean changing its levels of salt,

He swims to safety, with gracious pace,

While the storm grows above him.

The skies are much darker now, and the winds

Start picking up what’s in their way, the

Palm Trees dance, and the dolphin, in safety

swims, because he knows the sea.

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