Elephant’s Melancholy

I saw an elephant today, with his

Trunk down, looking tired and maybe

Sad. An elephant walking slowly, as if

Counting the steps left, steps left for home.

Perhaps there were two elephants, but they

Walked so close to each other that it seemed

Like one, and they both carried the same

Melancholy. The same weariness in their eyes.

I saw the elephants, and now I’m not sure

How many there were, but all I know

Is the lines in their trunks showed their

Years. And their time was not the same as mine.

One elephant, or maybe two, or maybe eight.

Eight elephants walking in the distance,

Away from me, dragging their sorrows.

Oh, how I wish I could walk with them!

But the elephants, delicate decoupage

Elephants, walk away from me, without

Sharing their melancholy, while I stand

Alone, wishing I could look into their eyes.

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