Fishing Day

Yes, I saw them arrive that day. It was three of them, three young man, they arrived here that morning, said hello, and later I saw them fishing. How were they? They seemed nice, they were polite, and smiled at me. I didn’t get to talk to them much, just a quick hello, but they seemed like nice kids. They looked like they were having a good time, and enjoying each other’s company

I saw them too, I didn’t see them arrive, but I saw them later that day. I figured they were brothers, or maybe just friends who look alike. That happens sometimes, you know, friends spend so much time together, and they are close in age, so they end up looking like each other. It hasn’t happened to me, I think. I have one brother who looks like me, but no friends I’m that close with. Anyway, I saw them too, while they were fishing.

I was close to them in the water, when I saw them. They actually surprised me, as I had been alone in the water for a little while, when suddenly I turned around and saw three shapes close to me. My first thought was that they must have been very silent for me not to feel them get close, but I’m usually distracted, so maybe they weren’t that silent after all. I said hello and goodbye, since I was getting ready to go home anyway, and they gave me a smile.

The three kids who were here fishing? Yes, I remember them. I thought it was funny when Ruben told me how they had surprised him in the water. That guy Ruben is always distracted, and is always being surprised by someone or something, and he always tells the story as if it was news. We all know he is in the clouds, and it doesn’t take much to scare him. But, yes, the kids you are looking for, I saw them. They came and fished, and I thought they were still here.

Of course, I saw them, but I didn’t get to talk to them. I saw them from far away, in the water. The three kids with their fishing poles enjoying the nice day out. I was here, in my studio, and to be honest I hadn’t painted much that morning. I kept trying to start something and continue to interrupt myself over and over. When I looked up, and saw them: the three figures in the water, with the blue of the ocean and the sky around them, and the infinite future ahead of them. I knew I had to paint them, and also knew we would never see them again.

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