Flowers Came To Town

They arrived to town, carrying two

Lidded wicker baskets.

Two shapes we’d never seen before,

Moving calmly under the burning sun.

Their shadows on the pavement

became unrecognizable shapes,

 Where person and basket became

One nebulous form.

Their steps were measured,

Without any hint of hurry or

Effort. It was as if only the

Baskets mattered.

The already quiet street, in the midday

Heat, became somberly silent.

As the two shapes moved forward,

With the baskets in their hands.

A breeze came, and the lids blew off.

 Flowers appeared out of the baskets,

Filling the street with color,

While the two women sang a song.

And even when they’re not here

Anymore, we hear their voices

Every time flowers bloom.

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