Fortune Teller

By the time we moved to the town, Mister Simon, also known as Maestro Simon, was already a legend, and everyone in the town, old or young, knew of his fame. Mister Simon was loved and devoted by thousands, they said proudly, as they described him as the most known resident of the town. Even though Mister Simon was a special kind of resident, as he only came out to see his followers on Christmas Eve. No one knew where he went or what he did the rest of the year, all they knew was that on Christmas Eve he went to the center of the town, set up his table, and told the fortune of whoever asked him to.

That is why he was so known, and so love, because he could read the fortune of the people who went to see him. He never said no, and the only thing he asked for was patience, as many people went to see him and usually one had to wait a few hours to see him. But everyone agreed the wait was worth it, because Mister Simon was always right.

As his fame grew, more and more people from neighboring towns went to see him, and he never disappointed. Every Christmas Eve, no matter what, Mister Simon told the fortune, sitting behind his little table, wearing his impressive turban, and always with kind words. That was perhaps what people commented on the most, the kindness in his words, and his soothing tone.

So that Christmas Eve, our first Christmas Eve in the town, I went to see him. I had waited for eight months since I had first heard about him, and had prepared to see Mister Simon as one prepares for the best parties. And then, after a few hours of waiting, I finally got to his table. He looked peaceful; he had warm but firm eyes, and his nose was small and pointy. His turban, wrapped so delicately over his head, made you feel you were in the presence of someone from another time, from another world.

Mister Simon told me my fortune, but also gave me the best present I had wanted for a long time. For a brief moment, I felt connected to something magical, something from a fantastic world, and I was a kid again.

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