Friends Walking Home

The three friends walked, in the rising day,

Not fast or slow, but in a steady pace.

The three friends walked, one more time,

Without looking at each other, or looking back.

One of them wanted to run, his legs came to life,

But he kept his pace, to not leave his two friends.

His feet felt light, and the road felt large,

But he didn’t want to be alone, not that night.

The second one felt tired, and wanted to slow

Down. His head felt heavy, and his breath needed rest.

He had to make efforts, to keep up with the

Group, but anything was better than being alone.

The last one, led the way, he knew where they

Were going, he knew the walk. He didn’t run

Or walk too slow, he knew the pace to keep

To find the way home.

They knew well, if they were alone, the road

Would be more difficult, and darker.

But they had each other, for the rest of the

Walk, so they continue, their journey home.

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