Going For a Walk

Samuel had waited 15 years, 6 months, and four days for that day, and he knew well his future awaited, if he could have the bravery to go forward with his plan. If there was something Samuel learned in his years in this world, it was that life can change in an instant, and not doing something and wondering what could have been was worse than failing.

Growing up in the freedom of the fields, Samuel recognized by memory the infinite green grass, its intense scent in the mornings, the different shades of green, the way wet grass felt on his hooves after an afternoon shower, and the sounds of the wind touching the grass, sometimes delicately and sometimes roughly. He recognized the sky getting lost beyond the green field, and the flowers before they even showed themselves to his eyes. He was happy, but still he was missing something.

Samuel was once a solitary youngster, and as all solitary youngsters do, he eventually became a solitary adult. He liked everyone, and everyone liked him, but he kept his distance, and at times felt more connected to the fields than to the other animals around him. He knew he wanted company, and he knew or hoped there was someone special who he could share the freedom with, after all freedom is only complete when shared.

Important moments come at us few times he thought, and this was one of them, so he took the steps that separated him from her. It took him 15 years, 6 months, and four days, that was how long he knew he had fallen in love, and he walked up to her, and ask her to go on a walk. She smiled, of course she smiled, she had waited 15 years, 6 months, and four days for him to ask, and she would have waited more. So they went for a walk, and they were finally completely free.

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