Hugo’s Magic Wish

Another day had almost gone by and Hugo, a young and bright monkey, still wondered what he should answer to his father, who five days before had asked what would Hugo ask for if he had one magic wish. Hugo, a bright boy he was, had noticed his father’s questions were more important than it could appear, so he asked for a few days to come up with his final answer.

Sitting down, enjoying the sun and the pleasant smell of the vegetation around him, Hugo went over the questions again and again, changing his answer every couple of minutes. What would I ask for if I had one magic wish? He wondered.

“Maybe to have all of the money in the world!” Said Phillip, Hugo’s Pelican friend, who was always helpful and eager to solve problems. Hugo had thought about it, and while it sounded tempting, and he had many ideas on how to utilize all of the money in the world, the idea didn’t fully convince him, there could be something better he told Phillip.

“Maybe to be king, and be able to control everyone in your kingdom?” Said Matthew, a parrot friend of Hugo, who liked to contradict Phillip on everything. To be a king? Hugo would be a good king, he had no doubt, some may even say he was born to be a king, he thought, but still it wasn’t something that he wanted over everything else.

“Maybe to have all of the carrots in world!” Said Julio, a little kid rabbit. Everyone laughed at the kid rabbit occurrence, but Hugo still had no answer for his father, and all of the carrots in the world were not going to help.

“Maybe to be able to heal all of the animals in the world” Said Marissa, Julio’s older sister, who was in a way everyone’s older sister, since she was so responsible and caring. Hugo liked this idea greatly, but realized it would be too stressful to be able to heal all animals, since he probably wouldn’t have the time to cure all of them anyway, and there will always be someone who needed him when he was healing someone else.

And then Hugo realized what his answer for his father was, if he had one wish, it would be to always have his friends with him, because they helped him when he needed it, and they made him smile, and they took his problems and doubts as if they were their own. If he had one wish he would ask to always have his friends with him, and he would be happy.

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