Jumping in the Dying Day

The green grass and the almost dark sky

Meet in the background, while a patch

Of blue sky still fights before leaving.

The day is not over, and there’s still time.

Their shadows follow their play as they

Jump, and run, always together

In the dying day. They know there’s

Still time, for another run.

I try to not move, to not interrupt

Them, and instead capture a mental

Image of this playful moment, trying

To not make a sound that would end it.

They jump, and for a second they’re

Immortal, infinite, but I know well

Moments end at a blink. Still,

The day is not over, and there’s still time.

They continue to play, and the day

Still fights, but it’s getting darker,

And soon we’ll have to go home. But

There’s still time, for one more jump.

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