Lamps of the Past

His tired eyes are about to give up,

His arms are heavy, and he does not

Hear the sounds coming from outside

Anymore. A book resting on his lap.

He knows he is about to sleep, but is

Not quite sure if his eyes are yet closed.

Images appear in front of him,

Or maybe he is already dreaming.

The room seems almost empty now,

Even though he knows that’s not the case.

But in this almost dream, the room is nearly empty,

And he is sitting there, his eyes about to close.

He fights to keep them open, and he sees

To his right, the pair of lamps floating.

The same lamps from the house where

He grew up, now floating next to him.

He didn’t know he would remember them,

Until they appear in this almost dream.

He wants to get up and see them closely,

Touch them, but they would vanish.

He sees the lamps, and his childhood

Memories come all at once. His tired

Eyes want to close, but he fights back,

To see his memories one last time.

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