Live in White and Blue

The past will always look calmer, as the time goes by. The world of the past is inviting, since distance makes the happier memories more prevalent, and erases the not so happy ones. That is how I remembered to live when it was just the two of us. Times where simpler and all we had to do was to understand each other to be in harmony.

Living then was like a white and blue world, full of serene colors, where the two of us had control of our destiny, and did not have to deal with any outside. But, as simple things usually do, it did not last, and before we knew it we found ourselves surrounded by strangers.

And, while we liked the company, and we have gotten accustom to being a part of a community, sometimes I longed for the days where it was just the two of us, and our lives were simpler, and the whites and blues around us where the only things we had to care about. Sometimes the past seems far away, and farther it gets, the more pleasant it looks.

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