Lost in the Book

The book opens up, and we dive into

The pages, of ivory white.

It’s a long jump, and the pages below

Looked far, but we still dive.

We land in a page, and suddenly are

Surrounded by butterflies. They

Fly, on the clear paper, and we

Move, trying to not disturb their flight.

We continue, away from that page, and

Land in a different background.

Now, seashells are around us,

Colorful seashells that look like stars.

In each scenario, we become part

Of the book, part of the story. You run

From page to page, and smile, and I just

Follow you, and the pages ahead of us.

Oh, how privileged those who can

Get lost in the books, you say, like

You and I! Another page turns,

And you smile one more time.

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