Love Birds

Standing in front of his bedroom window, as quietly as possible and trying to not even move, Sorian sees the parrots one more time. It’s been going on for months now, but to Sorian each time is as special as the first; the parrots come to a tree close to his window and fall in love again and again each day. Or at least that’s how Sorian believes it, the birds sit calmly and fall in love every afternoon.

Downstairs, also every afternoon for the last few months, while Sorian spies on the birds, his parents argue, an argument that to Sorian seems to have had no beginning, and probably will have no end. The contrasts are paradoxical, Sorian thinks, two birds falling in love each afternoon, while downstairs his parents won’t stop arguing.

It has been a difficult year for Sorian, and his parent’s fighting have made everything more difficult, but luckily for him the birds outside his window bring him more delight than he could have ever thought. He has learned to recognize their moves, their sounds, even their personalities, and their loving routine is something spectacular to witness, Sorian thinks. Before, he had no interests in birds, he even feared them a bit, but now he is truly taken by them.

Sorian does not remember what was it like before the birds came into his life, or he remembers it, but it seems so far away. The birds, and their afternoon routine, have become such an important part of Sorian’s life, that he remembers his own days based on what the birds did that day. He remembers what he learned in school the day that the birds sang longer than usual, or what he had for dinner the day the male bird looked a bit tired.

And now, while the never-ending argument continues downstairs, and sadness approaches him, Sorian looks at the birds again and smiles. He is fortunate to have a couple of friends who share their love with him.

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