Music Comes to the Neighborhood

The night of November 16th, 2017, Miriam Williams saw two small figures walking around her yard. In the darkness of the night, Mrs. Williams, a 42-year-old Florida native, saw the two figures move as if they were jumping from side to side in the dark, almost dancing, and she also claims to have heard something she described as “happy music”.

“I couldn’t tell well if they were kids, or maybe animals, all I knew is they seemed to be dancing, and the music was sweet and nice.” Added Mrs. Williams later, when she recounted the event. Many of her neighbors supported Mrs. Williams claims, saying she is an honest woman, and also because they had eventually heard the music themselves.

Hours after Mrs. Williams account, others came out and spoke of similar encounters with the small dancing figures, and everyone described a similar scenario, where two small figures seemed to dance in the darkness, playing some music with good rhythm, and everyone agreed that, while they were curious about the event, they also wanted to join in the dancing, since the music was so contagious.

Mr. Valence, a senior citizen who lives a few miles from Mrs. Williams, went farther in his description, and claimed the two figures were two monkeys, one playing the guitar and the other playing the bongos. Mr. Valence claims to have joined them dancing, and described them as “friendly and exquisite musicians”.

Some believed Mr. Williams, while others said he tends to exaggerate or invent stories, especially the more and more he gets older, so his testimony has not been verified. However, his description is quite similar of that of Mrs. Williams, and the others who saw the said-to-be-monkey-musicians.

The town has organized a gathering tonight at Mrs. Williams backyard, hoping the musician dancing monkeys can show up. When asked about the gathering at her home tonight, Mrs. Williams said, “I hope they come, and I hope they play the happy music they were playing the other night. We can all use some happy music.”

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