Music of the Night

The night has come back, one more time,

And after staring at the ceiling with wide eyes,

The dream finally returns, and so do the

Drums, which fill up the night.

He is again twelve, or perhaps thirteen,

And walks in the second row of other

Thirteen year olds. Carrying the big drum,

Hitting it, almost intrinsically.

The music is loud, and they all play their

Instruments, but he only hears the drums,

His and his best friend’s. They walk,

Side by side, making the drums roar.

His drum is red and blue, and has rope

On the sides. He doesn’t need to look

Down, he knows exactly what it looks like.

And, he feels its vibrations with every hit.

If he turns around he’ll see his best friend,

Getting ready to hit the drum once

More, but he will also wake up, and the

Dream will have escaped, one more time.

If only dreams would let us say hi, to those

Who have left, but he can’t choose, when to

Wake up. So, he doesn’t look around, but instead

 Keeps his eyes close, and listens to the drums.

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