Musical Silhouettes

Somewhere not too far, three silhouettes go by,

Playing musical instruments in the

Still young night. Three silhouettes, colorful

And quite alive, play their music and dance.

The troubles that seem to surround us

Do not affect them, they just smile

And play their tune. The three silhouettes

Give the night some light.

If anyone would tell them to stop their

Song, they probably wouldn’t hear, or just

Smile. The three of them dance around,

Around the night, and around us.

How can this happiness not stop?

I ask myself, as I see their joy.

How can I be as happy as them?

In nights where light seems to be gone.

But their music reaches me, and reaches

Us, and they invite me to dance with them.

I get up and realize, the music was there

All along. So, I dance, I dance to their song.

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