My Lion Friends

I bought them a few years ago, and no matter how much I try, I cannot remember where. I bought them because I liked the colors, and because lions have always been special to me. Since I was a child, lions had a great impact on me; perhaps it was their presence, the proud and stoic presence I felt when I saw pictures of lions. So, when I saw the two boards with the lions painted on them I decided to take them home.

The folky, almost whimsical way they were presented made me happy, and I put them in a place inside my home where I could look at them as I left and when I came back. Life had been boring around those years, and the addition of the lions to my house was a pleasant one, since the day I bought the boards with the lions on them I felt happier.

Days went by, and the lions became my close friends. I said good bye to them as I left, and they welcomed me when I returned. I would talk to them, as one talks to his friends, and shared with them the experiences of my days. My life continued its course, naturally, and I did the same things I did before I had the lions, and new things as well. I was not crazy, or so lonely, that the lions took over my life, I went on trips and invited friends over from time to time, but having the lions there just made everything brighter.

Not much changed for a while, until a few weeks ago, when I noticed something different in the lions. I thought I had noticed something before, but figured maybe it was the outside light at that time of the day making them look different. But now I had no doubts, the lions had started aging. The lions painted on board, and hung on my wall, were aging, and there was nothing I could do.

I have tried asking them if they are feeling alright, or if there was anything I can do to make them feel better, but they do not respond. All I know is they are getting older, and I am too.

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