My White Terra Cotta Lion

My white lion yesterday went missing,

I left him in the yard, eating peacefully.

Any information, I will thankfully receive,

My white lion went missing, I don’t know where he went.

My white lion, white terra cotta lion,

Has disappeared, and I miss him now

His smile and friendship. The lion and I

Became friends, and now he is gone.

If anyone has seen him, or heard of him,

Please let me know, he must miss

Me too, I hope.

I only know one lion, a white terra cotta lion.

No other lion could fill the space he

Has left. My lion and I spent the

Afternoons sharing our stories, as

Friends do. Now my stories have no audience.

Yesterday my white lion went missing,

One moment we were laughing, and

Then he was gone. Now I’m just a poor man,

With my stories and no lion to hear them.

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