October is The Last Month

Last night I had another nightmare, and this time I remember it better than before. In the dream, I had just woken up sweating, and I knew I had just had a nightmare. A nightmare within a nightmare. I woke up, still in the dream, and walked outside my bedroom to go get a glass of water. My mouth was dry, and I knew I probably had been screaming in the dream within the dream. I leave the room, to go to the kitchen, and that’s where I see them, the two Syrian Tables I have in my living room, walking towards me and yelling “October is the last month.”

The tables are in reality small side tables, but in the dream they are giant, and look down at me while trying to run me over. They stand tall on their four legs, and face me with an intimidating look. I’ve always thought the tables looked pleasant, and their inlaid mother of pearl and tortoise shell geometric designs made me feel calm. But in the dream, the tables look mean, and as much as I run my living room seems to never end, while the tables chase me with giant steps.

I’ve had similar dreams for the last few months, but was never able to remember them as well as this one. I couldn’t tell then that it was the pair of tables who were chasing me. I just remembered the feeling of fear when waking up, and usually forgot about it after a few days, until another dream came my way. But now I knew it was the tables, the good old Syrian tables, the tables I so much like, who wanted to run me over.

In one of the dreams, and I’m not sure if this is directly connected to this last dream, I was a chair. I was myself, but I was inside a chair, and my fear then was that someone was pushing me towards a table, and I knew I was going to hit it. I couldn’t see whose hands were pushing me, as I could only see forward, but the push was hard and I could feel myself about to be squeezed against the table.

Every nightmare I have had the last few months makes more sense now. It was the Syrian tables all along. Every time I woke up sweating, or even crying, it had been the tables chasing me. The difference is, it is October 31st today, and the tables in my dream kept saying “October is the last month.” I am awake and thirsty now, but I know the tables are waiting for me in the living room, and I do not want October to end.

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