Old Dance with the Sea

The waves have left their mark, in her body,

And the scent of the now dissolved sand, still lingers

In her surface. She moves, back and forth,

effortlessly, like the current once around her.

Her delicate look is just an illusion,

She’s strong, and confident. Her body,

Flexible and lengthy, knows the world

Will always have a place for her.

She dances, like she once did in the

Ocean. She smiles, and opens up her arms,

And welcomes the world into every fiber

Of her being, over and over again.

Her surface is a map into a world

Of water. Her presence, tell us there is

More, more we don’t know. She hides

The dreams that ended up in the sea.

And if for a moment you believe, to have

Captured her essence, she smiles,

And dances again, and dances away,

Like the ocean she once danced with.

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