Old Pith Helmet Tales

Now that time has passed, the memories seem more and more distant, and the time once spent traveling is only spent remembering. Even an old pith helmet like myself remembers its travels, the places once visited that now hide and get mixed up with the daily routine. Even the most mundane activities bring back those days of trips and adventures, and the memories rush in to fill my old age.

How much an old pith helmet like myself can remember, you may wonder, but the traveler remembers everything, no matter its condition. The traveler accumulates experiences, and captures the moments which later he will reflect on, cherishing he once lived them. An old helmet like myself has many stories to tell, many places in our hearts, and many smiles left behind in far lands.

I close my eyes, my old pith helmet eyes, and I see myself in my youth, maybe in the deserts in Africa, feeling the sun burn me, while people talk around me, and all I can do is listen and enjoy the warm air blowing past me. The light of the sun reflected in the sand is glorious, and we are all young, and time stops while someone laughs in the distance.

Suddenly, we have left the African desert, and I’m somewhere in Spain now. I see hills in the distance, and their silhouettes resemble giant, playful animals, and behind me someone says we must hurry, or it’ll get dark before we make it to the hills. The sky is still blue, an end-of-the-day sad blue, and the hills look like waves now, and I’m truly happy.

These memories won’t leave me, instead they’ll be joined by many other memories, many other places, many other adventures. And the time will continue to pass, and perhaps the days of traveling won’t come back, but the stories will still be here, burning like the sun.

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