Our Chairs Await Us

When we come home, older, tired, quiet,

They wait for us with open arms.

Their feathers spread out in a warm hug,

Waiting for you and I to sit down.

When we bring stories from our daily

Lives, when we see each other and smile.

They wait to hear our voice in the night,

Before you fall asleep and I start to dream.

They are always in the same place, as if

They know, we will come back.

Come back to each other, come back

To our one place for us.

We see them, and share a smile, we know

They are there, as we always come back.

To sit together, and hear each other,

Just like the day before, and day after.

If I ever take too long, just sit and rest

Your head in the chair’s back.

They’ll remind you I’m coming back

Again and again, one last time.

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