Our Season

We know it’s early, but we can’t help but grin.

We feel the wind change and see the colors of brick and joy.

It is our season, and we are fully dressed.

Ready for the show, the dreams, and the wishes.

We hope to bring those lonely love,

and those in need, with what is needed.

We will dance and prance, and recall youth.

It is our season, let us be jolly.

We want to flourish around the world unobserved,

as it is our nature to be hidden, invisible as the smell of snow.

With only the light of candlesticks to guide us, until our duty is done.

Only then will we rest our heads and our hooves,

as nothing brings more happiness than kindness itself.

We will kiss the stars goodnight, until next season,

Only then can we light the candlesticks again.

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