Parakeets Flying Back Home

A pair of parakeets fly back home,

It’s been a long day, and their wings move

In the air, pushing through the wind

As the day dies behind them.

They have traveled long distances,

And the thought of being back home

Feels warm, and sweet. The best part

Of flying, is returning to one’s bed.

The sun, still out and smiling, shows them

The path traveled many times before.

But there’s always something new

About going back. Something always changes.

If they knew for certain, this is their

Last trip back home, they would close

Their eyes, and take their time. But, today

Could be just like any other day.

So the parakeets pushed their wings,

Through the wind, and fly towards home.

The same home that waits for them,

Like the last time, and the time before that.

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