Passed Warm Christmas

If I could pick a present, for the upcoming

Holiday season, only one would come

To mind. That is to experienced once more

The excitement Christmas once brought.

If I could move to a land, any land I choose,

That would be the land of childhood,

And of years passed. Where illusions were

As tangible, as a kid’s laugh.

I would choose a warm Christmas, where

Sand pretends to be snow, and as when

I was a child, I would collect shells,

And wrap them as precious gifts.

The holidays always find a way, to bring

Us back to those years, of simple things,

And simple laughs, years that left

And don’t come back.

But if I could pick one gift, only one,

That would be it, to go back

To the years when dreams flew around,

And laughs seemed to forever last.

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