Pendant Light in the Horizon

I see a light hanging in the horizon, the night

Is empty, and a pair of lonely dogs walk by.

In the distance, there’s music, but it must come from

Far away, as I only hear it as a whisper.

I see a light hanging in the horizon, I’m a little

Closer now, and I can see the shape of the pendant

Holding the light. It is a dark night, and the pendant

Seems to be the only light left in town. I walk to it.

The hanging light in the horizon is still far

From me, and I walk slow. No dogs are left on

The street, at least none that I can see. Everyone has

Left now, only the hanging light and I are still around.

I see a light, in the distance, and I walk to it,

Without knowing what expects me there.

My steps, are firm, but at times they become slower,

Perhaps I’m more afraid of the light than I know.

I’m closer to the light now, the pendant light.

It’s a brass pendant, with red glass panels, and

Decorated with hand hammered crescent moons. It

Also has animal silhouettes, which stare in my direction.

The light and I recognize each other, we both know

We are the only ones left in the town. Someone

Turned the music off, and now the light is all I hear. So, I sit

On the ground, and let the light put its arms around me.

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