Rocco and his Best Friend

Rocco had been running for three hours, but to him it felt as if it had been days. The Florida heat pushed him down, and the more he ran, the more nervous he became, and the more tired he got. The pavement he stepped on burned, his legs were tense, and his feet hurt. He didn’t see any familiar signs that looked like home, and there was no one calling his name. He felt completely alone, and lost.

The morning had started like any other morning, he had had an early morning walk with his best friend, and then went back to the house. While his best friend went to get ready for work, Rocco waited in the living room, cooling down by the couch, when he noticed someone had left the door open. So, he walked outside, to see if there was anything going on.

The morning sun felt nice on his skin, and he decided to go for a little walk. He wasn’t too tired from his morning walk, and he knew his best friend would take some time getting ready, so he had a few minutes for a little run. He actually had never walked outside alone, it wasn’t something he was supposed to do, but the door was open after all, and he figured he would returned shortly.

He walked outside, and the wet grass welcomed him. He didn’t walk too far from home and he still recognized all the smells he usually encountered on his morning walks. It wasn’t until he saw another dog, a few blocks from him, when he started running to go play. He ran and ran, but by the time he was able to catch up with the other dog, he just went into a backyard, and Rocco was left outside alone. It was then when he realized he was in a different neighborhood, and everything looked different. Rocco started running around, looking for home, but had no luck. After three hours, he didn’t know where he was, or even in what direction he was going. He was tired, his feet hurt, and the sun became stronger each minute.

That’s when he heard his name, and his best friend’s voice calling him. It had to be him, but he couldn’t see him. Until he saw someone turned around the corner, running towards him. It was his best friend, looking as tired and as hot as he was, he also had been running for three hours, Rocco thought. So, Rocco ran towards him, and when they met they hugged each other, as best friends do.

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